About Us

Welcome to our website, an E shopping complex with variety of malls, discounted prices and quality products for your satisfaction. Our goal is to create cells of micro distributors to ignite economic activities, create wealth and employment through the delivery of goods and services.


To be the frontline market place where products pricing, quality and services provides our customer unlimited online and offline windows of opportunity.


To continually empower the human mind and hand to do great entrepreneurial exploit with quality information and support from our resources.


As the name implies; Building Blocks To Success is an educative, social and business platform that utilizes MLM concept and online protocol to mobilize, mentor and create entrepreneurs from the inexperience, experienced, professionals, traders, employed, self employed and unemployed.


With our passion for excellence and our dedicated team, we will take you through a steady step by step guidance to building your brand, organization and multiple stream of income, while creating employment opportunity for our teaming youths.


BB2S business program is focused on Buying and Selling, Social Business Networking, Leadership and Mentoring, Advertising and Distribution of consumer products for associate companies in the manufacturing and trading sectors.


The business design and reward system is excellent and unrivalled as the concept is a combination of MLM and traditional marketing principles. It encourages team work and collaborations, while motivating team leaders with unbeatable incentives in order to encourage team members to grow their businesses too.

our Product overview
Our business activities spread across all areas that impact on the human needs for comfort, well being and family development. It includes the following broad areas.

Edibles, cosmetics and toiletries


Mobile devices, Home appliances, office gadgets, Home and Office Furniture and automobiles.

Real estate

Housing, malls and shops

Micro Credit

Hire Purchase, Home Asset Ownership Support and Leasing

Virtual Assets

Mobile, online, digital, remote and proxy market.