Our services


We operate an exclusive and amazing online supermarket to meet all your food and toiletries need. With our ever expending franchise outlets, you can call us your neighborhood shop. Our prices are competitive, our multi-level marketing plan will support your food need and you can also enjoy our loyalty rewards and discounts for consistently shopping with us.


BB2S online electromall is a one stop shop for all home and office gadgets. Our members enjoy unbeatable prices on all appliances, mobile devices, office equipments and furniture. We have affiliate companies and individuals that trades on quality and durable products to give you maximum satisfaction.

Real Estate

Shelter is one of the three basic necessities of life and BB2S has a structured property acquisition scheme. It is a real estate deal in collaboration with other reputable real estate firms to provide quality and affordable housing, malls and shops for our members, who are earning six figures in commission and bonuses. We also get regular flow of information on real estate deals.

Virtual Assets

Members are entitled to privilege deals which enable them to trade on the BB2S online platform. We sell, we buy and we deliver from the comfort of our home, the company takes care of all the logistics required to facilitate the deal. The advantage of this deal is that interested members need not have any physical stock or shop to display their products, they only need to upload the picture and price of the item they want to sell.

Micro Credit Leasing on Business and Home appliances

Micro Credit Leasing on Business and Home appliances – This is another privilege deal but exclusive to members who have achieved the Zonal Distributors status. It is a business opportunity designed to create mega wealth for our zonal distributors and their superiors.

Mentorship and Leadership Facilities

Every member is automatically assigned to a team with a leader to mentor and help members grow. Business seminars, Skill acquisition workshop and Leadership training is a way of life in the BB2S family.