frequently asked questions
1.What is BB2S

BB2S means Building Blocks To Success

2.Who is a sponsor?

A sponsor is a distributor who assists a prospect to buy goods or associate with the business.

3.Who is an Associate Sponsor?

An associate sponsor is also a distributor yet to complete the feeder stage

4.Who is a distributor?

A distributor is any member who promotes and/or markets the company goods and services

5.How can one become a Distributor?

Any interested person can become the company’s distributor by associating with a sponsor.

6.How do i profit from the company as a registered distributor?

By promoting and recommending the company’s products and services to interested buyers.

7.How do I grow my business?

By attending business opportunity meetings and inviting family and friends to participate.

8. Can one have multiple accounts?

Yes, in fact seven accounts take you straight to Area Distributorship Level.

9.Can a distributor shop from the company with cash?

No, all payments must be deducted from the customers E-walled account.

10. How is the E-Wallet account funded?

The E-Wallet is funded through Bonus, commissions or intra-transfer from members wallet.